SMHL 2019

vom 29. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019 in Willisau LU

SMHL 2019

vom 29. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019 in Willisau LU

SMHL 2019

vom 29. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019 in Willisau LU


Greeting of the Mayor of Willisau Erna Bieri-Hunkeler

Dear competitors
Dear helpers
Dear guests

On behalf of the City Council and the entire population, I would like to welcome you to the Swiss Hot-Air Balloon Championship 2019 in the pretty country town of Willisau. National events have a long tradition in Willisau. Both young and old are very enthusiastic when regional or even national champions are fighting for honour in our town. A strong reason for us to be delighted that this year the hot-air balloonists are choosing their national champions in Willisau. This way we all can experience the fascination of ballooning, the precision and the interaction of technology and nature. The sky over Willisau is enchanted with many splashes of colour. A proven OC under the direction of Walter Rey and a large team of helpers will ensure that perfect conditions prevail. Many thanks to everyone for this great effort!

We are convinced that our picturesque old town with its historic buildings and the multifaceted Napf landscape offer a wonderful backdrop for this unique occasion. In addition, the varied supporting programme, the large selection of shopping facilities, the special museums and the cosy restaurants invite you to discover, enjoy and linger.

We wish the OC, the officials and all sportsmen and sportswomen the necessary weather luck, atmospheric, exciting competition days, much success and also sociable hours in Willisau.

Your host city with the famous trademark, the Willisauer Ringli, is looking forward to welcoming you!

Erna Bieri-Hunkeler, Mayor of Willisau

Greeting from the President of the OK SMHL 2019

Dear Readers,
Dear competitors

Hot-air ballooning has a long tradition in Switzerland. But ballooning does not only mean taking off in an open wicker basket and enjoying nature from a bird's eye view. Ballooning can also be practiced as a sport. Precision, ambition, tactics and safety come first. The competitors try to reach the predetermined or self-determined goals as precisely as possible and set down their markers by making the best possible use of the wind conditions prevailing at different altitudes. Last but not least, perfect cooperation between the basket and ground teams is the most important requirement to a good result at the Swiss Championships.

We are pleased to present this fascinating sport to you in Willisau. With Willisau as our host for the Swiss Championship SMHL 2019, we not only have a perfect backdrop for the balloon pilots and passengers, but also the perfect location to bring the sport of ballooning closer to our audience.

In addition to the 29 competition balloons from Switzerland and abroad and the 20 fiesta balloons, a supporting programme for young and old with the highlight "Night-Glow" will take place. All detailed information on the supporting programme and the competition can be found on the Website

In order to be able to carry out such an event at all, it needs a lot of support. A lot of thankfull greetings to our sponsors and patrons, all partners and to the many helpers! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people in charge of the city Willisau for their support.

We are looking forward to great balloon days in Willisau and hope for perfect balloon weather during the Ascension Days 2019!

OC President of SMHL 2019, Walter Rey


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